Monday, June 12, 2017

It's hard to muse at 92*

when one is a bit "under the weather", and does not have enough intellectual strength to work on the rant he would REALLY like to produce.  Thus it feels strange to merely add my "two cents worth" during this, one of the most perilous times I have witnessed in my almost century of life.

I've already disclosed my predilection to fall back to personal clichés. (I recall that in answering the thousands of Reddit questions during the past two years, I was asked about the use of idioms and clichés from my era.) I think they are more expressive of ones feelings than the computieze and tweets of today.  So I shall continue to do so.

The one that has come to mind first relates to the "chickens coming home to roost."  And I think that relates to "one reaps what one sows." Certainly the "Liar in Chief" was telling the truth when he stated he "knew how to make deals". And this is what we have gotten, a dealmaker who casts aside established rules, protocols and commitments as well as moral rectitude to achieve victory for himself over anyone or anything standing in his way.

I'm affronted by his being seen throughout the world as speaking for my/our country. Through his caustic divisiveness, he has turned back the progress of  human and civil rights made in my lifetime.  He has personified and resurrected the image of the "Ugly American" throughout the world that millions have worked for years to overcome.   I am personally dismayed as an educator that our educational system failed in its responsibility to educate a thoughtful citizenry that would so  easily fall prey to the hollow promises of someone who represents the worst of the American character.

Through the years our country has achieved a vaunted reputation identified as "American Exceptionalism". In spite of our "sins" a reputation has been built and accepted by many throughout the world that our countries' leadership has had a positive influence in ameliorating suffering and leading the nations of the world toward peace.

Yet in far too many cases this leadership has been undermined by actions and moral failures that have "come home to roost."  I sincerely believe that for many reasons – from selfishness to the speed of change – we have begun to lose our way and must return to re-committing ourselves to human values that reflect a concern for the welfare of all races and religions.  "Globalism" is not a newly coined word or concept.  Republican candidate for president in 1940, Wendell Willkie's  book, ONE World joined the pronouncements of President Roosevelt in recognizing our role in leadership toward world peace through the United Nations.

And that's why I'm hopeful that I'll feel better soon to complete the one topic "weighing heavy on my heart". Of course I had to end with a cliché.

Ron Lehker

*I know I'm only 91, but I like the rhythmic effect.


  1. I have found it rather difficult to fathom a reply to this post despite its pertinence. I used to be well-versed in politics, but have dissociated myself from the news - not simply because of its negativity, but because of its increasing dissonance. What I mean by this is that, now more than ever, the narratives pushed by different information outlets are irreconcilable. For example, in catching up with the news to create a substantive reply, I trawled a few outlets with regards to their reporting of the Russia hearing. Some solely proclaimed it as a big win for Trump - the exposing of Comey as a 'leaker'. Others focus solely on Trump's 'obstruction of justice'. I am not sure what to take from all this. Echo chambers are extreme places if looked at from the perspective of an outsider, whatever they stand for.

    Incidentally - I have been reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. If I recall correctly you studied Latin - would you have study this Stoic work? In some ways it drives me further from the hyperactive public present.

    I wonder if simply ignoring certain happenings that would be inaccessible to me if not for the Internet is the wise way to go - there is enough in physical life to learn to handle better. I shall see.

    Whatever the case, thank you for your thoughts, as always.

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