Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random thoughts as I approach my 9th decade of life.

I'm far too busy inaugurating my two year celebration of turning 90 to Really Rant or Rave, but a quick look at today's (5/21/15) Washington Post brings three thoughts to my attention:

  1. What a remarkable achievement is the publishing and delivery of a daily newspaper.  
  2. A picture can reveal so much:
    • Everyone talks and no one listens.
      • Page D-1 shows all three (Harper, Williams and the umpire) all with their mouths open and (probably) their ears shut.    
    • The universal appeal of music - not only worldwide but across all socio-economic levels.
      • Page A-8 shows "Burundian Richard Samuel, 14, plays his homemade guitar as he waits to be moved from a stadium a refuge camp.  The United Nations says more than 100,000 people ................flee unrest..... !!!!!!!!!!
It's great to be retired and do the things one really wants to do - perhaps ere too long I'll get to my suggestions for solving the three great American problems:
  1. Achieving world peace 
  2. Rescuing the public schools, and 
  3. Reducing income disparity