Thursday, July 27, 2017

A strategy for DC progress more feasible than statehood.

Since I've been away from the "swamp that refuses to be drained," I was incensed to return to our nation's capital to find that once again Congress wants to interfere with local government and deny us of our right as citizens to "die with dignity," as well as other of other rights as citizens in the land of the free.

I know that for many committed activists the cause of statehood for DC has been a consuming goal and one we rightly deserve. Yet the realist within me sees it as an impossible dream. Years of protest have brought us no progress toward that goal and currently it is further from realization than ever. Yet the welfare of our citizens is in increased jeopardy from a government in disarray.  Thus I feel a new tact is necessary. It would be organized around two basic principles:
  • Putting pressure on Congress to provide adequate financing to truly make the District of Columbia a living example of what democracy can accomplish and be known as "The Shining City on a Hill for All Residents)."
  • Congress would not be permitted to unilaterally interfere with the lawmaking actions taken by local government action.
How exciting it would be for young and old, rich and poor, folks of all races and creeds and immigrant status to join together in a cause unifying us all.

I well know that many readers of my Rants will say something like, "He's finally lost it, he believes in miracles as an unreasonable idealist." And since I have my own definition of "Miracles" I plead guilty. Certainly the fact that a "supposedly" knowledgeable citizenry could elect a man as president so ignorant of what democracy is all about truly makes me believe in miracles.

All my life I have been proud to note the upward trajectory toward equality for all in our country. Through protests and proper procedures we have progressed to become the envy of the world as we have recognized past errors and failures.

Stay tuned for further "miraculous thoughts" that come to me in growing despair in the middle of the night as I see my beloved country plunging into a "state" I have not witnesses in my 91+ years. 

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