Monday, July 3, 2017

I just can't stop ranting!

I am so fed up with the direction our country is going!  And it is all the result of one man's impact on a gullible segment of our population, many of whom have frustrations of their own and have fallen prey to a charismatic dictator.  THE MOST IMPORT THING FOR THOSE OF US WHO WANT TO BRING BACK CIVILITY AND RESTORE THE DREAM THAT ALL MEN AND WOMEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND HAVE VALUE is for each of us to speak out and join  together in following constructive ways to combat the evil that has overtaken the executive branch of government.

Here are two suggestions that come to mind.
  1. Take a lesson from the master of the use of the media, Donald J Trump. He has effectively used provocative monikers to describe his opponent – lyin', little, low-energy, crooked, crazy and goofy. I know it can be perceived as taking the low road with him, but I think we should find the ONE best adjective that describes him?  I've got lots to offer including windbag, blowhard, big mouth, know-it-all, showboat and motor mouth. What's yours?
  2. While Trump continues to bash all the traditional media, we must unite in supporting journalists and the true Free Press! I marvel each day at the miracle of having a newspaper at my doorstep early each morning. I know many, including friends, who in the past have felt the media have worked to maintain the status quo. But I find most mainstream of media to at least attempt to purvey the truth with some balance. The paper I read, while perhaps having a well-known bias, at least attempts to include editorials and reports from various points of view. In-depth articles of critical events are not subject to the rantings of one individual generally, but are the studied report of trained group of investigative reporters. They even respond to criticism and admit mistakes.
    • While many of us are fascinated by the information we can receive instantly via the Internet, I sincerely believe that all who value a Free Press, should subscribe and actually participate in the local newspaper through support and criticism including letters to the editor
    • And once again I am eager to share with readers an article in yesterday's Washington Post (7/2).
"Love Thy Neighbor" is another dramatic story I wish EVERYONE could read. It's in today's Washington Post (7/2) and tells the story of a doctor coming to a small town in southwest Minnesota. He is warmly received and welcomed as a leader - until Trump is elected president. The only thing that hasn't changed is that he continues to worship Allah! Now his and his whole families' world changes.
What a price our country is paying for electing Trump as our president. He has shown us how much PREJUDICED OUR CITIZENS ARE AGAINST THE PERCEIVED "OTHER."
Of course minorities have known that for a long, long time.

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