Monday, March 30, 2015

A Lesson in International Relations

Once again I had a fascinating conversation with a seatmate on the Metro. She appeared to be a tourist and so I ask where she was from. I was taken aback when she answered very clearly in English, "I am from Moldava".  Somewhat startled since my mind's map of Europe goes back to Yugoslavia, I asked exactly where that was and she replied that it was in Southeast Europe. With her husband  working in our State Department she too was hoping to find employment there . How disappointing not to have my business card so I could continue our conversation on the Internet!

Just before departing I asked her to share with me one outstanding difference she found between her home country and living in the United States. "In Moldava people are not friendly, and we would never have a conversation like this," was her reply.

I know this does not qualify as a rant or rave, but it affords me an opportunity to share two thoughts:

1. Recalling again the opportunities that are there for learning when we are not wedded to devices, and

2. The enjoyment that is mine when I share ideas and thoughts with family, friends and any who might tune in to my rants. Thus I'm hoping do this more often in an informal way - hopefully most Mondays  I'll assure you that I will soon return to more deep-seated problems and thoughts: insights from the perspective of another generation.


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