Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another change in Ron's Ranting and Raving

As might have been suspected, it's taken longer than I had anticipated for me to formulate my thoughts and plans for solving what I perceive as America's three greatest problems. It's a bit more daunting than I originally thought and at 89 years of age I am too often sidetracked by the inconsequentials of life. You might recall that I listed them as:
  • The problems of America's Public Schools
  • Social class disparity
  • Achieving world peace
And when these topics are covered
I'll retire from ranting and raving 
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Until I get to the first of these topics, I'll reminisce occasionally about topics of lesser importance. 
Rather than rants or raves they will be anecdotes that seem interesting (at least to me). Here's one that made me think that perhaps my "greatest generation" might well be superseded by an even greater generation: such is my admiration for the young people of today who confront problems even greater than we faced back in the 40s. And they often do so with idealistic fervor.

Automotive Safety
I continue to be impressed use and power of the social media. How striking that a young person, one who has even disdained driving an automobile, cautioned on Facebook, (and I loosely paraphrase) "Think how dangerous it is - even for a second - to look down at your cell phone while driving – it's the equivalent of driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed at 55 miles an hour.

How much more complex driving is today than faced by my generation. I distinctly recall the issue that arose when car radios were introduced. How distracted we felt we would be by listening to the radio when our thoughts should be devoted entirely to driving safely. I guess that problem has been solved and its called multitasking!

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