Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A rant - about the proper function of government and a rave about my life in DC

Perhaps I'll learn that "A rant a day keeps the doctor away."  What then will a rant and a rave a day do?

Standing in line at the Cleveland Park Post office I saw someone selecting a birthday card from their rather pathetic supply.  My thought was, Why can't the government do more effetively the things we expect from a government rather than compete with one of the best greeting card stores in the city RIGHT NEXT DOOR?

An how fortunate are we who live in Cleveland Park with the opportunity to greet three doting parents with smiling children on a five minute walk;

I hope a number of folks will read these two blogs and read my plans for future blogs tomorrow when  I  "divulge" my plans for closing out my rants by December 8.  I'm eager to share some of most deeply felt on everything from a-politics to z-religion.

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