Wednesday, March 16, 2016

One of the TOP TEN..................

.....................lectures and events I have attended in the past 20 years in Washington, D. C.

Religious leaders from the Sikh, Muslim, Jewish and Christian traditions were present for a Worship Service at the Washington National Cathedral in January just after President Obama was inaugurated for his second term.  The tradition has been followed since the inauguration of George Washington and has been held in the Washington National Cathedral since the inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  This years address was given by the Rev. Adam Hamilton from the Methodist Church in Leawood, Kansas, the largest church of that denomination.  While the entire service was awesome, I was particularly impressed by the "advise" Hamilton directed to the President.

In brief he made the following points:
  • There seem to be three reasons why people run public office;
    • desire for power and to feel important
    • they are a little off in the head
    • they really want to make a difference
  • The historic example of Moses discloses three aspects of leadership
    • A humble person with heart and character brings forth compassion for the marginalized and oppressed.
    • Vision is necessary to motivate and inspire people.
    • Despite opposition and discouragement a true leader never gives up.
Hamilton closes with a story from Robert Louis Stevenson.

What a privilege to be in attendance.  Rather than just reading my summary, I sincerely hope you will avail yourself of the entire printed sermon at:

Or even better see and hear it at:


I'm quite sure that you will find next weeks "one of the top ten" to be most interesting. I heard - and you can too - hear a fabulous SLAM POET!.

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