Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome all - especially Oprah readers

I truly appreciate Oprah Magazine's extending my "fifteen minutes of fame" to 16!  I hope any new friends (or old ones too) will continue the conversation with me started by Reddit two months ago. .  New to Social Media as I am, may I suggest you do so by giving feedback on the comments section on this blog.

And while this is published irregularly you can learn of new Rant's weekly on my other blog,
While the events calendar may not be something you can take advantage of, I'll always mention when a new "Rant" is issued.

The previous Rant referred to a topic I'd love to see all America exposed to:
The Slam Poetry of Clint Smith.  I hope you will check it out and refer it to your friends.  It is at

I'd enjoy conversing with as many of you as possible through Oprah as  I did on Reddit.


I'll have much more to say in a few days.


  1. Hi Ron,
    I'm a reporter for NBC4 in DC. I read your article in Oprah. I would love to do a story on you for our TV special that honors Veterans. What is the best way to reach you? Here is my email address.. can you send me an email.
    Thank you,
    Angie Goff

    1. I presume you got my email

  2. Just saw your piece in O Magazine and wanted to stop by and say "good for you, and keep it up." I'm always delighted to find bloggers who are more than 35 years old.