Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The only way I know to vent my frustration about election 2016!

What can I possibly say after an election that results in having elected as my president a man who has constantly lied and used language and techniques that offend me? Certainly I'm tempted to follow the pattern set by Republicans recently when Barack Obama was elected president – to hope that he fails.

But how counterproductive that would be! The past eight years of heroic leadership by Obama has shown how difficult it is to make progress when obstructionism is the major focus of the opposition party.  How bleak it is when one realizes that this new "leadership" will be the face of America for the next four and possibly eight years.  How sad that the progress of the last eight years of more inclusiveness is vulnerable and can be overturned by the union of a conservative party led by an egotistic showman.

But the historic leadership of the United States as a bastion of freedom and opportunity for all has been built on a democratic foundation that enables constructive change to be made. While the results of the election have been extremely disappointing, I find a "path to the future" in the recent Democratic primaries and the pronouncements of the party platform. THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MAKING CHANGE IN THE TRULY DEMOCRATIC WAY CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION!
We do not have to put up with four years.  With a "know nothing" preside we do not have to put up with four years (using words that sink to HIS level).  It is in Congress* that the action can (AND SHOULD) take place,  And it calls for ALL OF US who were so energized by the Bernie supporters and all who were so repulsed by the candidacy of Donald (including responsible Republicans) to
BEGIN NOW TO START CHANGING CONGRESS IN TWO YEARS.  It is the nitty gritty work of democracy and something we must all commit to.

To me, the lessons of this election are myriad and begin with the need for all who want true justice and opportunity for all and the progress of the last eight years to ignore petty differences and unite to CHANGE THE MAKEUP OF CONGRESS IN 2020!

Indeed in my almost 91 years I have never seen such a disappointing election.  I'll have much more to say in the next few weeks.  I hope you will stay tuned.


*See Franklin Foer's article


  1. Honestly it always suprises me as to how Bernie lost against Clinton. Recently I heard/read that the votes were rigged
    - Norke

  2. I love your blog. I love the post that you wrote today, but I don't think it is up anymore. It's inspiring to me, someone who has lived 2/3 less life than you, to hear such wisdom and hope from someone who has lived longer. Thanks for writing.