Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How have you continued to maintain such a youthful countenance?

Sorry I forgot the totality of the question, but this is an answer I gave to one of Ask Me Anything?
As I recall, it was a question from someone struggling with some of the pressure and issues of life.

OMG, this is such a marvelous question and one that I wish I were insightful enough to give a brief, meaningful answer. At first I was struck by how simple it is and that the answer is found in your question. "Keep... childlike wonder". Eureka, there it is, "Keep Childlike Wonder". In many ways I sincerely believe that has been my "Fountain of Youth". (I realize this sounds a great deal like one of the most forceful teaching of a man called Jesus, and yet I consider myself for the past 10 years, an agnostic atheist.")
And so for the nonbeliever (a term I disdain) let me try to list a few "childlike" characteristics" that I have found helpful.
  1. Upon arising in the morning try to focus solely on the beauty of this day and the good I have around me. 
  2. Reach out by really look at (and possibly) greet people on the street
  3. Read biographies to look at the lives of others.
  4. Seek and accept the friendship and joy of others.
  5. Take time during the day for some type of meditation
Such a good question I may put it on my "rant and rave blog

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