Friday, March 16, 2018

More insight for our president from my Uber drivers.

I'm sure our president would have a different outlook on immigration if he had a chance to accompany me on my short rides recently in Washington DC.

  1. I was fascinated when I learned that my driver came from Afghanistan just a year ago. In answer to my queries he stated:
  • He had been of assistance to the American military.
  • His four children are in the public schools of the state of Virginia and his wife is with him in their home.
  • Upon making more than $3000 a month he was no longer getting medical care nor any assistance from our government.
  • They were assisted upon their arrival in America by Catholic charities.

2. How fascinating to have a middle-aged driver who came to the United States from Ethiopia two years ago. In answer to my queries he stated:
  • He was one of 2000 who came from Ethiopia that year.
  • All of Ethiopia would join him in feeling lucky that he won the lottery to be an immigrant to the United States.
  • He calls his wife and four children every morning before coming to work.
  • He regularly sends money for their support. He misses his family very much and is hopeful the five of them will be able to come to our country.

How fortunate I was to have good drivers. I'm glad there was no wall to keep them out and that I could tell them of my grandfather who came from Germany as a tailor so many years ago

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