Thursday, March 2, 2017

Making America REALLY Great!

"For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback."

A great many of us were exhilarated by those words of Michelle Obama upon the nomination of an African-American as the first presidential candidate of major American political party. Perhaps it is the loss of that pride and hope with the election of a candidate who thrived on hate and divisiveness that has been the major cause for the sadness that engulfs that majority of American voters who voted for someone else.

I must admit that in my 91 years of exposure to the American dream (and sometimes nightmare) I have never experienced such a roller coaster of emotions. Of course I have previously seen divisiveness beginning with the "American firsters" who opposed our entry into WWII. Hate groups were enthralled by Father Coughlin and Henry Ford and their antisemitism in that period. And then most all Americans finally stood up to Joseph McCarthy who "had no shame" as he viciously attacked the Hollywood establishment as he feared Communist influence in thoughtful films of the era. Jane Fonda was vilified as she took a stand against war in Viet Nam. And the exposure of Pentagon Papers and the questioning of the presence of mass destruction by government research was been questioned as being unpatriotic.

In my own mind I have renounced the hallowed slogan of the slogan given to my generation as "The Greatest Generation". How could a generation that interned Japanese citizens, we continued the long oppression of African-Americans, that mercilessly imported and used workers from other countries in building their cities and raised their crops in horrible conditions ever be considered as G R E A T!

My despair with the erosion of my countries declared values has grown even more since the election.  Yet unlike so many other, I felt compelled to follow the news ore than ever. Two things particularly stand out for me as I have tried to keep up. All my life I have valued the Free Press that has shown a light to cast out despair. There is no way that I can consider the PRESS as the enemy of my country. And secondly I have been totally dismayed that the followers of a man of history (yes, Jesus)  noted for peace, love and equality continue to embrace a man whose character discloses just the opposite values and behavior.  Yet we seem to pride ourselves a a Christian nation - and I this as an atheist who has attended churches all his life.

Yet it is in the long repeated term, "American exceptionalism" that I join Michelle in finding hope. I have long felt that the long trajectory of the American character has been pointing to an "Even Greater Generation"!. It can be seen in those brave citizens of the past who have fought injustice and place themselves in jeopardy in espousing unpopular cause. The American creed all has long stood for the right to protest. Furthering human values for all has been won by protests often led by women, youth, and elder sages, 

The struggle is never easy, but I see a determination in righteous people stepping forward using their voices and their feet to lead the way in setting our country on the right path once again. We need to accept our differences in technique and priorities to seeking and enjoy freedom and justice for all.

And then it came to me in a song. The folks who have stood against war, the folks who helped most in furthering civil rights and give opportunity for all including immigrants were actually revolutionaries. And that's when I realized that the song I was hearing was one that was used as an unofficial anthem for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, "'Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution". For me that's the hope for the future. This younger generation with its idealism is being joined by oldsters (perhaps more than the youth realize are "those timid" oldsters from the past) and together,.

We shall indeed overcome!



  1. I'm reminded of Pirsig's concept of society moving forward through a series of 'static latches'. Those whose behaviour and thinking may seem extraordinary can influence others until, at some point, their ideas become a societal norm. All Trump has done is to voice the concerns of an undercurrent; it is in the response that we shall see a shift in public opinion.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Just slowing down I guess. I find your comment very interesting - but too brief. I'd like more of your insight into Pirsig.

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