Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The four essentials for national recovery - I just have to have my say

This is my epic piece. As I review my 92 years I feel the time has come to put in perspective the lessons I've learned and make one final, unsolicited, statement relative to the country – and perhaps the world. It's necessary because I feel we are facing a situation even more difficult and complex than World War II. Certainly there is now the threat of military annihilation and the challenge of globalization. Yet this is all accentuated by the fact that our country has lost its way because of a failure of leadership and national morality.

Yet this can be the dawning of a new age – just as the "discovery" of the "NEW WORLD" seemed to develop new opportunities for a new start around the 16th century. (How we muffed it by conquering native peoples and enslaving others is another story.) I believe there is a realization today that the world is truly "ONE WORLD" and that we must make it just that, or we are in danger of LOSING OUR WORLD.

I believe the future can be unlimited if we realize the opportunity that is here by giving voice to these four issues and movements.

  1. The ideals and aspirations of young people.
  2. The continued increased contribution of women on the National scene.
  3. The wisdom of the oracles. I find it fascinating that in trying to write the word, "Prophets" my a Dragon dictation machine persisted in spelling "Profits". At last a machine smarter than humans. The scourge of the American society has been to enthrone and equate power with monetary excess.
  4. An understanding of the importance of the tribal phenomenon.

While the first two items encourage me by their present progress, my overriding concern is with the last two. Certainly the "tribal phenomenon" is a present buzzword. Yet it is one aspect of this causes me the greatest concern:

It is this topic that I shall devote myself to after a weeks hiatus with my family in Michigan. As a lifelong church-goer I respect the moral teachings of worldwide religion. Yet I have grown to perceive it as one of the primary causes of our broken world.

In the near future I look forward to clarifying what I feel can be a new way to use religion to provide harmony in the world.

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