Thursday, April 5, 2018

A marvelous view of a changing society

This made my day!

It was at the end of a grueling trip – and almost any flight today is grueling when you're 92 years old. I wondered if – in order to save money – I had made a mistake by taking a bus instead of Uber to get from BWI to my apartment in DC. And the three block walk from the connecting Metro stop seemed interminable to my aching back.

But it was worth it! Crossing Macomb Street, just one block from home, were two middle aged gentlemen. Walking with them was a beautiful, smiling, child of about four years of age of a totally different racial composition.

And then as I entered my apartment complex, I again saw a male Caucasian speak to a two-year-old African-American child saying, "And daddy is upstairs fixing dinner."

How fortunate I felt that fate enabled me to have these two experiences. Certainly I made assumptions. But I could only feel joy that the bounds of love and caring in my lifetime have been expanded. And that no amount of pseudo-intellectual discussion could dissuade me from knowing the improvement I have seen in this lifetime of mine.


Quite a change from my previous very lengthy rant, but I hope you'll check it out. It's my testament to a hopeful future. 

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