Monday, April 9, 2018

That March 25th Rant was my last! But.............................

You might recall that in it:

I promised to enlarge on several of the items that give me hope. And here I begin

    Advice for young people:
  • While I have thrilled to see their vigorous response to the gun issue, I sincerely hope that they not only have the conviction, courage and endurance to follow through, but they must realize that they not be a "single issue constituency".
  • And while I know I run the risk of being turned off and considered an, "Old fuddy-duddy" (or something much worse) for giving advice to young people. I'm still going to suggest a first area for their consideration.  And there may well be more to come.
The environment:

For 20 years or more. I've done my darnedest (that's as close as I can come to swearing on the printed page) to understand and do something about geting more than 10 states have a bottle refund deposit law. From personal experience in several states, from research and from the example of almost every developed country in the world but ours, it has been a boon to improving the environment. It's well-known that we have failed to extended such laws to other states primarily because of the lobbying of the bottle industry.
From my experience with young people I know full well that the environment is (and should be) a major concern of theirs. It also appears to me that they are among the greatest users of disposable plastic, glass, and any other kind of container. Thus I would challenge them to look at the issues that are involved ranging from personal choice to governmental issues and lobbying to determine an appropriate course for our nation as a whole to join in this environmentally sound the practice. There are times and conditions that necessitate dramatic events. The gun protest was one. The ingenuity of youth can find many ways to protect the environment. Perhaps it's time for boycotts of products or study and debate groups looking at the issues that would be involved in individual states or nationwide.

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