Thursday, May 3, 2018

Another lesson at Uber University!

It was my first trip on Uber Pool to see a notation reading, "Driver may be deaf or hard of hearing." Indeed he was totally deaf, but other than limiting my "usual" conversation, the drive went very smoothly through busy traffic. He appeared to be in his 30's, and seated next to him on the front seat, I could notice that his stylish cap read" Ethiopia". I tried to converse with him by stating that I had been to nearby Egypt!

How remarkable that I, because of my handicap in walking, was being assisted by a recent immigrant who was totally oblivious to the spoken word. I smiled at him in our mutual derision at the lady who insisted that he make a difficult turn in horrible traffic in order to take her merely one=half block closer to her designated address. I wondered what he must've thought about the American fetish for ease and service.

How I wish I could have the opportunity to converse with him to learn more about his possible trials or tribulations in entering our country. How I wish I could show that I would like to be his friend. But at least I luckily remembered that giving him my business card might be some evidence of friendship.

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