Saturday, May 26, 2018

It all seems so simple....


  1. Mr Lehker,

    It has been a while, and I am very glad you have not made good on your intention to stop ranting and raving -- to once again start a conversation, what do you mean by this post? I felt the summit was mostly fluff.


  2. So sorry to have overlooked this and not responded earlier. While I am far from an isolationist recalling even that even Republicans supported Wendell Wilkie who wrote the international bestseller, One World, I do think that we too often think we are so powerful and mighty that we alone can solve the problems of the world. That we have all the answers. Having selected a president like Trump, perhaps it is we who need help. I sincerely believe it might be better for the North and South to solve their problem. And then we help if they wanted and if we are truly able to do so. Indeed I am hoping to slow down and as my children tell me, "just enjoy the rest of your life and lecture grandchildren solve the problems," but there still remain a few things I want to get off my chest – see my most recent ask me anything on Reddit and one more. I hope to get out on something that can bring America together in unity. Thanks for reading my stuff