Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A somewhat different perspective of #MeToo

As a 92-year-old father of two daughters and four granddaughters I yield to no one in my support of the progress being made and supporting equality and respect for women.  "Times (indeed) up" on the male domination of women's' lives in everything from athletics to style to politics.

Yet I feel there are so many aspects of the movement that we continue to ignore. For me it is watching female cheerleaders and baton twirlers dressed in extremely skimpy attire at athletic events. Is this not something foisted upon them by males? Is that there attire of choice, even on cold days?  I can't recall seeing a male cheerleader in a swimsuit.

I'm well aware of my own tendency to have the "discriminated against" take the first step in reconciliation. However in my 92 years that has often been the course for progress in most areas of discrimination.  Certainly economic inequality stands at the forefront of women being discriminated against. Why else would a woman choose to be a waitress at Hooters restaurants, but……

Here's for equality in all phases of our lives from government to the sports page.


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