Sunday, January 28, 2018

It's amazing, the insight one can gain from fellow Uber passengers in D. C.

I finally succumbed to Uber when I learned of  "Rideshare".   Two passengers from other countries provided me with a fascinating look at what they considered was "exceptional"  about America.

1. The first passenger was seated in the back seat along with me as I was talking to the driver who  was from Ghana. I discovered that my fellow passenger had been in our country for three years, somewhat reluctantly joined our conversation and stated that it was the American educational system that perplexed her.  Her remarks included, "How can it be that good, free education is not provided all students through college". Time did not permit are discussing this further, but I was eager to learn more about her only to discover that she was the wife of the very, very high government official from a Nordic country! And as we neared her residence she surprised me by answering another query with, "My husband found it much more satisfying to work with the previous administration".

2. It was during the height of the NFL stand/kneel controversy that the driver and I discussed how folks from a Balkan nation felt about the issue. Never having attended a sporting event abroad, I was surprised when he stated that he knew of no nation where the national anthem was performed for routine athletic events. Picking up another passenger, this one from Great Britain, he stated that he had traveled the world over and found United States to be the only exception by having patriotism displayed in such a fashion at all sporting events.

How I wish our president might join me on such a ride. He might find out something about how the other 99.9% of the world's population lives and how we are viewed internationally. I'm sorry these aching bones in mine might well prevent me from going to another live athletic event. Guess I'll just have to both kneel and stand when I hear the national anthem on TV.

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